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CABA-NC signed MOU with Nanjing Baixia district High-tech and Entrepreneur Park

MOU Siging Ceremony with Nanjing Baixia District

The Nanjing Baixia district High-tech Entrepreneur Park delegation group have visited RTP on Sep. 27th for high-end projects and talents introduction meeting at McKimmon Conference & Training Center.Many groups in scope have attended the meeting and signed admission agreement with Nanjing Delegation. CABA-NC also signed MOU with the Nanjing Baixia district High-tech and Entrepreneur Park for strategic partnership in the near future.

CABA-NC Signed MOUs with VC & BioMedicine Companies

CIPA delegation met with NC Department of Commerce

The China Investment Promotion Agency (CIPA), along with several Chinese venture capital and biomedicine companies were visiting RTP between Dec 13th to 16th. CABA-NC was accomodating this high-class delegation as the host organization.

During their stay in RTP, CABA-NC signed several MOUs with those companies to pave the way for furthering collaboration in the future.

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